A Background On Trouble-free Bikinis Systems

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But ask that same mother while she's trying on bathing suits if that joy was worth the long-term effects of pregnancy on her body and you'll likely get a different answer. Bathing suits are just horrible. (Obviously, this does not apply to men's bathing suits, which differ only slightly from a comfy pair of shorts. Nor does it apply to bathing suits for skinny kids or anyone else without cellulite.) Researchers reported last year that the average American woman is a size 16-18. I don't think my grandmother would approve of my announcing either my age, weight, or size here in print, so suffice it to say that my shoe size and dress size are the same, which puts me well below this average. So why is it so freaking hard to find a bathing suit that looks reasonably not disgusting? We're told to go a size up when shopping for a swimsuit. I'm a medium, so I'll try on a large, and there's often some type of containment breach, so what is anybody who's bigger than me statistically more than half the women at any given water park going to wear? "Cruisewear" is now available in some stores, and I wanted to get a new suit for the vacation I'm taking with my boys in a few days.

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